Australia: Cook to Mabo to…

Is our conversation, our reconciliation.

This is the Australian Story. It’s the people’s stories, their voices, their history, some lore, some myths. 60,000 years or more of sunrises, sunsets, journeys. “Dreaming.”

The Change. In 1770 when Cook and Banks first entered Botany Bay, and the myth of Terra Nullius began, there were anywhere from 300,000 to 1.7 million Aboriginal inhabitants on this continent. The beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in England, the American War of Independence, the East India Co. the loss of the American Colonies, and the English need for Masts, Flax and Hemp prompted the arrival in 1788 of Phillip and the First Fleet. This began over 100 years and more of Aboriginal, convict, and others slavery. Phillip, Rum Corps, Bligh, MacArthur, Macquarie. In May 1813 Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson changed the colony from a confined, insulated tract of land to a rich and extensive British settlement. In 1838 Waterloo Creek, a mounted troop killed at least 9 Aborigines, followed a couple of days later by Myall Creek, 28 Aboriginal adults and children were gunned down and burnt. Squatter Meyrick “no wild beast of the forest was ever hunted down with such perseverance” he concluded “aboriginal people will shortly be extinct”

Gold 1850-80s, 500,000 people leave Britain and Ireland for NSW and Victoria. The Bunyip Aristocracy, Eureka Stockade and bushrangers. Lawson, A Song of the Republic “Choose between the land that belongs to the Lord and Queen and the Land that belongs to you” Australian’s better Brits. 1860 Kanakas, (black birding, slavery) Afghans, camels. 1880 Chinese fear, prompts The White Australia policy.         

Federation and a constitution with no Bill of Rights, and a partly Empire flag, 25th April 1915, ANZACs landed in what has been described as one of the most terrible chapters in our history. There was worse to come. By the end of 1914, over 50,000 volunteers have been accepted. Aboriginal’s served, despite not being recognized. Murdoch (the elder, tries to get Monash fired, Monash was a Jew) Lawson ” men were coming back broken and destroyed” social division, between those who had served and those who had not. 1942 “Australia looks to America” 1 million Americans pass through Australia, lots of them Black (10%) “over sexed over paid and over here”. Aboriginals admired “blacks with money in their hands, who looked you straight in the eye and stood up straight”. “Chips down” law changed to allow 6,000 Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders to serve. “the colour line disappeared”, for a moment.

1949 Menzies elected “We believe” British to his bootstraps. White Australia policy still in place. Poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Assimilisation – No! “Pour your pitcher of wine into the wide river. And where is your wine? There is only the river.” Keating speech, “recognition that it was us who did the dispossessing… we committed the murders, degrading all of us” Mabo decision “a national legacy of injustice and shame.”

About the series…

Australia: Cook to Mabo to…    

Six one-hour television episodes, a two-hour movie, fifteen, 20minute school segments with teacher guides, one and 3 minute Aussie moments – an E Book and many more options.

Multi-Platform, Multi format, Multi Length 

A mix of mostly stories with some animation, green screen/modelling, stock footage, and some dramatic re-enactment as we re-create our past, as we glimpse the future.  

Production will occur over the next 18 months to 2 years. On some shoots, we will promote and live stream on facebook, once or twice a month, and encourage and answer live questions. This live streaming will be expanded and promoted during and following production.