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We are seeking donations to help with the production of Australia: Cook to Mabo to…
Australia: Cook to Mabo to… is Australia’s story. Our communities story. It’s a conversation, an understanding, a learning, a story not told. So much of our history since the Change has been massaged and managed. Australian history has been mostly told and written by the white settlers. There are many gaps and untruths in our history.

Sometimes looking back is not pretty, but this story must be told, and perhaps it forms a part of our country’s reconciliation.

We need your financial support to help with this production. Our award-winning production team ensures Australia: Cook to Mabo to… is spectacular, informative and gripping. Our research has identified over one hundred Australians who will form this national conversation.

We need your support financially and by becoming involved with suggestions and story ideas. We will encourage schools and communities across the country to participate, this is a community project.

The right Australian corporate partner/sponsor is also welcome. Corporate involvement in our project will add to audience awareness, community involvement and sponsor recognition. Your donation, can start from as low as $15, maximum contribution $500. All your donations with be matched by the production company

Contributing to Australia: Cook to Mabo to… will help us reach into many Australian communities to tell Australia’s story. Australian’s knowledge of our history is scant. A lack of knowledge perpetuates a lack of understanding. Australia: Cook to Mabo to… is a gift, a celebration

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John Thomson & Gary Hoy